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Who is Kate?

Kate is a hardworking and dependable agent that will go above and beyond for her clients. Her primary goal is to build and establish long lasting relationships within the community and to leave her clients with the utmost level of satisfaction.

When it comes to representing sellers, Kate brings an expertise to the table that will differentiate her. Having a background in digital marketing, she employs highly effective marketing strategies to accelerate the success of listings. Along with this, her love for interiors and her eye for design really goes a long way as she is very involved in the staging process and she is sure to capture the highest quality of photos and videos for her listings to draw in buyers. When it comes to representing buyers, Kate is very thorough in her approach and will never leave any stone unturned. She always has her buyers best interests and she understands how to fight for her clients needs. At the end of the day, whether she is representing a buyer or a seller, Kate has the knowledge and negotiation skills to bring the deal home.

Kate played college volleyball and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Liberal Studies, an interdisciplinary field of study that is personalized based on your interests and career aspirations. She was able to become proficient in many subjects that translate into Real Estate such as business, interpersonal communication and psychology. With that, her background as a competitive athlete means she understands what it means to be determined, have a winning personality, and be competitive when necessary.

If you choose to work with Kate, you can be assured that she will handle each transaction carefully and with the utmost attention to detail. She wants her clients to remember her as someone who is trustworthy and empathetic, someone that will fight for them, always has their best interest in mind, and last but not least, she wants them to remember her as a lifelong friend.


Thoughtfully crafting brands with strategy, purpose, and design since 2015

An important note

the mission statement

As an agent, my mission is to provide the highest quality of service to every buyer and seller that I work with. I aim for my clients to feel an extra sense of trust and security as they’re going through such an important transaction with me as their advocate.


A Few Facts

Launched more than 30 strategic brands for clients

Multiple clients reporting over 150% revenue growth

More than 75% of New business is Referred from happy clients



Things I love the Most

Family is everything to me! Spending time with my husband Drew and our dog Millie is my favorite part of the day. 


Favorite Food

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My Guilty Pleasure

I love true crime podcasts and shows. When I was younger, I wanted to be an FBI agent.


what I do for fun

I love to try new coffee shops and bakeries, go wine tasting and spend time with my loved ones. 







with intention

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